Keanu Reeves's bike hit by driver

By Robert Kirchgassner ,

A woman backed up into the parked motorcycle of actor Keanu Reeves Friday.

The actor was leaving his doctor’s office in Beverly Hills and discovered a tiny dent on his Norton Commando 750 motorcycle.

He discovered from paparazzi outside that a woman in her Mercedes had backed up and bumped into his vehicle. Reeves disbelieved them initially. But he changed his stance when he saw police near his bike as he walked toward it.

Reeves spoke with them, inspected the damage on his motorcycle, and even shook the driver’s hand. However, he had to start his motorcycle six times before he could get back on the road.

Reeves is known for his love of bikes. He once admitted to going for demon rides in his younger years – which involve racing a motorbike at night with the headlights switched off. Reeves later stopped this practice due to its dangerous nature.

Exclusive - all rounder Actor Keanu Reeves leaves a downtown hotel on August 11 2011 in New York City Philip Vaughan


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