Kristen Stewart is toughest on herself

By April Chieffo,
'Breaking Dawn' director, Bill Condon, says the actress sets the bar very high for herself
Kristen Stewart at the premiere of "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1". (London, England)

Breaking Dawn director, Bill Condon, has much praise for Kristen Stewart after working with her on the final films in the saga.

The actress, who says she had gotten “wrapped up” in playing Bella because it is a character many girls identify with and project themselves onto, is one of those actresses willing to work hard and push herself to ensure that she is going above and beyond for the character, which is something director Bill Condon admires.

“She’s an amazing actress,” he said in a new interview with STV, where he continued to praise her dedication during filming. “You know for example in the birth scene, she never got up. She would just lie there till we called lunch. She would just be there in that mode.”

Condon says, though, there were often times where Stewart, 21, wouldn’t see the skill in her performance, but that is because she tends to be her worst, and toughest, critic.

“There is no one who’s tougher on Kristen Stewart than Kristen Stewart,” Condon continued. “She has such an incredible high bar she sets for herself and it’s great to watch her when she finally knows that she’s hit it.”



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