Kyle Massey disapproves of Palin's homophobic comments

By Deborah Kim,

Over the weekend, Bristol Palin was caught on tape at a club asking a man if he hated her mother because he was gay, after he called Sarah Palin a whore. Now Bristol's Los Angeles roommate and former Dancing with the Stars competitor, Kyle Massey, is speaking out about the situation.

Hollywood Life reported Massey was reluctant to talk, but after his older brother, Chris, said they "didn’t have anything to do with that, we don’t know what’s going on with that," Kyle added he is disappointed by his friend's words and doesn't "condone what happened."

TMZ reported Massey even has his own conspiracy theory of how the incident went down.

According to a source close to Massey, the That's So Raven actor believes producers of his and Bristol's new reality show planted the man at the club and told him to ruffle Bristol's feathers.

The source added Massey regrets being a part of the show and thinks it is "sleazy" and too scripted. Producers on the show and Bristol's confronter deny anything was pre-meditated.



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