Lady Gaga doesn’t own a home

By April Chieffo,
The singer says owning a house is a 'waste of money'
WWW.ACEPIXS.COM . . . . . November 22, 2011, New York City....Singer Lady Gaga attends the 'Lady Gaga x Terry Richardson' book launch party at The New Museum on November 22, 2011 in New York City ....

Lady Gaga spends so much time touring that owning her own home is a waste of money to her.

The “Marry the Night” singer, who recently wrapped her Monster Ball tour, is planning to go on tour again next year. During a Friday appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show she said she doesn’t mind touring so much because she doesn’t have a home to come back to once the tour is over.

“I can’t wait [to go on tour],” she said. “I’m so excited.”

“It’s just not so different from my day-to-day life because I don’t have a home, still,” she explained. “I’m a gypsy, I can’t plan my life out like that so much, and then I think ‘well gosh, what a waste of money to buy a place when I’m on the road for [so long]’.”

“Even though…it may not seem like a big deal because, you know, I’m, like a pop singer or whatever, It still hurts to write a check. It’s a lot of money,” she added.

Even though she has no home, she still has a lot of expenses.

“When I signed my tax returns this year I had to get completely wasted,” she said jokingly. “It’s unbelievable.”

Ellen DeGeneres joked, “it’s that mo’ money, mo’ problems Biggie told us about.”



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