Lady Gaga’s Christmas present to her Little Monsters: A new song

By April Chieffo,

INF Daily

Lady Gaga is giving her Little Monsters something special for Christmas, but it’s not an iPad.

According to TIME, Lady Gaga was recently hacked, which had her over 17 million Twitter followers believing that the “Marry the Night” singer was giving away iPads to every single one of them.

"Monsters, I'm giving away FREE iPad2?s to each one of you in the spirit of the holidays :) Go to bit.ly/s5MTqM to receive one!" read the tweet, which was also followed up with a promise for Macbooks.

The singer soon let it be known the hacking was over, revealing her holiday destination.

“Phew. The hacking is over! And just in time, I'm on my way to Japan! So excited to spend Xmastime with my TokyoMonsters!”

Although she won't be giving her fans any Apple products for Christmas, the singer will be giving a special treat for the holidays: a new song.

Gaga announced that she’ll be releasing a previously unreleased track off of her hit album Born This Way on Christmas Day.

“Been racking my brain on what to get Little Monsters for Christmas!! I finally figured it out!!” she tweeted early Thursday morning. “On Christmas Day I will leak to you an unreleased Song off Born This Way! It was recorded live, in one take, on the tour bus. Uncensored.”



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