Larry King wants to be frozen

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Former CNN talk show host Larry King revealed Sunday that he wants to be frozen when he dies.

King and his wife, Shawn, hosted the CNN special, A Dinner with Kings, at their home in Beverly Hills. This was a celebrity dinner with guests such as Conan O’Brien, Quincy Jones, Tyra Banks and Seth MacFarlane.

During the dinner, King revealed his desire to be frozen so he can eventually be revived.

"My biggest fear is death, because I don't think I'm going anywhere," King said. "And since I don't think that, and I don't have a belief … I'm married to someone who has the belief, so she knows she's going somewhere."

The group also discussed topics such as friendship, insecurities, success and worries.

King told his guests that he is still friends with three people he’s known since he was 10.

"Well, these are people you fought in the Civil War with, Larry," O'Brien joked. "That's a bond. When you're fighting the Confederacy, that's an incredible bond, Larry."

King later revealed that he would like to host more dinner party specials in the future.

CNN plans to re-air the special Dec. 10.

King hosted Larry King Live from 1985 until his retirement in 2010.


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