'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon' recap - June 21

By Louie Aronowitz,

Last night/this morning on the June 21 episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, the guests for the evening were Cameron Diaz, Charlie Day, and Bon Iver. Jimmy’s monologue was more clever than usual, trading out his usual silliness for moderately sophisticated and subtle quips. It was a pleasant and welcome switch up from his usual style.

The audience was then treated to a performance by Big Sean, who was sitting in with The Roots for the night. Big Sean then gave a brief “interview” with Jimmy, describing how he went about meeting Kanye West, and eventually becoming a successful rapper.

One of the many recurring bits done on the show, “Pros and Cons,” saw a resurgence last night, providing a number of brilliant lines at the expense of President Obama and Jon Boehner’s recent golf outing.

Cameron Diaz, after making her entrance through the window of the set behind Jimmy, joked with the host like they were old chums about working on Saturday Night Live, and then going to Africa together. She also spoke about her new film, Bad Teacher, which opens in theaters this Friday.

The real highlight of Diaz’s appearance came when she performed a sketch with Jimmy called “Other Voices,” which was a mock talk show in which Higgins and A.D. Miles (head writer) did all of the dialogue, and Jimmy and Diaz had to improv-act out the scene. This is one of the most fun improv games to witness, especially with people as funny as them. The audience was even treated to a return to Fallon’s SNL days, when he lost his composure, and uncontrollably broke out in laughter throughout the sketch.

Charlie Day, the second guest, was of course funny as always, inventing a catch phrase throughout his interview, “Let’s get into it,” making his talk with Jimmy like an episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philidelphia. They also touched upon his new film, Horrible Bosses, before playing the long pour game, which has been done a few times already on the show, in which Jimmy and Charlie attempted to pour beers with their arms tied to a giant stick.

Bon Iver was of course amazing, as always, performing a flawless rendition of a track off the upcoming release. Justin Vernon’s voice was smooth and angelic as usual, dancing about the gaps between falsetto and head voice.



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