Lindsay Lohan accepting responsibility

By Casey Needham,

It’s time to grow up for Lindsay Lohan, as she agrees to enter a plea of no contest to her misdemeanor theft charge.

Lindsay has been in a whole world of trouble over the last several years and it is hard to imagine her without the booze now. The public has become accustomed to seeing her in the news for her many mishaps.

She seems to be headed in the right direction now though. She appeared on the Tonight Show earlier in the week to speak with Jay Leno about all the things that have been going on with her. She seems like she wants to stick to what she said and accept responsibility for the things she has done, says The Hollywood Gossip.

She is committed to making a change and she is hoping that her judge will be lenient and let her do so. Lohan has already been slapped with 480 hours of community service and 120 days in jail.

TMZ reveals that in actuality Lindsay would probably serve about three weeks in jail and then move on to her community service. Lindsay and her lawyer are banking on not getting any additional jail time added on as she hopes to just put this behind her and move on.



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