Is Lindsay Lohan after Chris Brown?

By Sarah Miller,
Could they be a new pair of star-crossed stars?

In the wake of this past weekend’s VMAs, people have a lot to process, including Chris Brown’s performance. Though he may have been snubbed by unimpressed, Rihanna-loyalists, and father-to-be Jay-Z, he may have found a new love interest: Lindsay Lohan.

The notorious party girl (and sometimes actress) took time out of her court-ordered probation to express her feelings about his high-flying dance routine that brought (most of) the celebrities at the VMAs to their feet in approval on her Twitter. While Brown retweeted her compliment that he “killed it,” he has not publicly responded in any way to another posting of hers.

Lohan – who has yet to take the post down – asked Brown, “wanna meet?” This is all somewhat surprising given, of course, Brown’s infamous domestic violence incident with singer Rihanna a few years ago.

Granted, Lohan has never been a stranger to controversy either, having several run-ins with the law, arrests and prison sentences to her credit as well. In fact, Lohan has done more jail time than Brown, who participated in community service and counseling after his arrest. Who knows, maybe these crazy kids could make it work. Maybe Lohan could give Brown some street credibility. In any case, it would probably cause another media circus for them both.



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