Lindsay Lohan reportedly owes $93,000 in unpaid taxes for 2009

By Gina DiFalco,
Lindsay Lohan at the 'Saints Row: The Third' video game launch held at the Supper Club on October 12 2011 in Hollywood, Los Angeles

Just when it seemed like the coast was clear for Lindsay Lohan in terms of legal troubles, the IRS has obtained a lien against the actress for failing to pay $93,7000 in taxes.

Lohan reportedly owes the staggering amount in federal income tax for the year of 2009, ABC News reports.

According to TMZ, the official paperwork for the lien was filed officially in Los Angeles.

However, if she doesn’t fork over the money, her belongings can be taken by the government, such as cars, homes, or even bank accounts.

During the year 2009, Lohan only released a made-for-TV movie and made a few television appearances.

The Huffington Post reports that Lohan is claiming that she thought she had everything taken care of when it came to her taxes, as she hired people to do it for her. Apparently, they weren’t doing their job.

Lohan claims she wasn’t even aware of the problem, and sources told TMZ she will handle the issue immediately.

The Mean Girls actress is said to have fired most of her business team recently and replaced them with people who will hopefully take care of her finances.



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