Mackenzie Phillips to become addiction counselor

By Shakala Alvaranga,

Actress and singer Mackenzie Phillips is no stranger to drug addiction. The 51-year-old celebrity rolled a joint when she was 10, tried cocaine when she was 11, and got arrested when she was 18.

The former Celebrity Rehab cast member has been through a great deal in her life, including the time when her father raped her, but is using her past to help others.

According to TMZ, Phillips is currently in the process of becoming a certified drug and alcohol rehabilitation counselor.

Sources told TMZ that the actress is half-way through the certification program, where she intends to use her experience as a drug addict to help struggling addicts recognize, accept and beat their enemies.

The actress’s progress will be filmed on a new reality TV show, called No Relapse, which will be produced by Powerhouse Reality Company 44 Blue and has also received “strong interest from multiple networks".



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