Man eats goat heads in TLC special 'Extreme Cheapskates'

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A penny-pinching man ate goat heads for the upcoming Learning Channel special, Extreme Cheapskates.

Jeff Yeager undergoes a weekly fiscal fast at various times each year. He doesn’t spend any of his own money during that time.

Instead, he spends only loose change he may find. Yeager uses it to buy only the least expensive items he needs, including food.

"I create my menus around what is least expensive," he said. "Not only does that save you a lot of money, but you tend to eat healthier. Like organ meats!"

Jeff's wife, Denise, is sometimes taken aback by his methods. This includes Jeff recently bargaining with his local butcher for goat heads.

"Some of the food he eats, I just can't get myself to ... to fathom eating," she said.

The one-hour special will also focus on people who, in the name of saving money, will eat out of trash bins, reuse toilet paper or recite poetry for goods and services.

“I’m a full-time cheapskate, and I hope audiences see this isn’t a negative thing. Sure we are as weird as heck, but living this lifestyle isn’t about being greedy or selfish,” Yeager said. “Leading a frugal life is so we can be generous to others. We’re quirky, but there is a serious message about the ethics of thrift.”

Extreme Cheapskates airs Dec. 28 at 9 p.m. on TLC


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