Former Spice Girl Mel B lets 12-year-old daughter name her newborn baby

By Gina DiFalco,
The former Spice Girl didn't reveal the name as of yet

When pictures of Mel B hit the Internet being rushed into the hospital to deliver her newest baby, it was obvious another Spice Girl baby was soon to be welcomed into the world.

Since the arrival of her daughter, Mel B took to her Twitter account, as most celebrity parents do, to thank her well wishers.

The Daily Mail reports that the singer wrote she described her heart being “swollen with love.”

She tweeted, “Thank you once again for all your lovely well wishes, my heart is swollen with love!!”

Before that, she said her heart was “melting.” “I wanna thank you ALL for your beautiful well wishes,it means a lot to me,you guys are the best, I am SOOOOOO blessed my heart is melting!!” she wrote.

Mel B also informed her Twitter followers that she would be letting her 12-year-old daughter, Phoenix Chi, name her new baby. She said, “My daughter Phoenix wants to pick her sisters baby name,so fingers crossed she picks a good one!!”

The former Spice Girl also has a 4-year-old named Angel, but this is her first child with her husband, Stephen Belafonte.

Etidbits reports that while Mel B followed up with a tweet confirming Phoenix named the new baby, she wouldn’t divulge what it was.“Phoenix has named our baby girl the cutest name,can’t wait for you guys to hear it, soon ma peeps!!” she teased.



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