Michael Jackson book details drug use

By Deborah Kim,

This isn't the first time a book has been written about the King of Pop, and it sure won't be the last, but the latest Michael Jackson book claims to reveal new information about his drug use and abuse.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the book was written by Jackson's former personal assistant and manager, Frank Cascio.

Titled My Friend Michael: An Ordinary Friendship with an Extraordinary Man, the biography claims Jackson first took propofol, the drug that took his life, in 1999 and Demerol, another drug, in 1984.

USA Today reported Cascio has been friends with Jackson since he was five years old.

He writes in the book that he saw Jackson take Demerol while on his "Dangerous" tour in 1993 to treat his skin disease. Cascio also claims Jackson took propofol in 1999 after suffering a fall in Munich. Then he says Jackson's drug use began to escalate and that often times he would pay doctors in cash and put his own names on prescription bottles so that no one would know about the medication's costs and Jackson's problems.

Cascio also writes that in 2001 he went to three of the late singer's family members for help, but Jackson "simply pushed them away."

The book will be published Tuesday. Dr. Conrad Murray's probably asking why he didn't have Cascio on hand during his hearing.



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