Miss Venezuela is crowned Miss World

By Rebekah Werner,

This Sunday in London, the beautiful Ivian Sarcos of Venezuela was crowned Miss World 2011.

The pageant took place where the first Miss World was staged in 1951. Broadcasted to over 150 countries, Sarcos competed with 122 other women all vying for the title of Miss World.

According to Reuters, outside the pageant there was a small femenist demonstration protesting what they said was an “appalling offense against women’s equality.”

While the pageant has been scrutinized over the years for being outdated and a chance for beautiful women to show off their bodies in swimwear, these contestants are more than meets the eye.

The Toronto Sun reported that of the 122 contestants that Sarcos defeated, over a quarter of them are graduates and more than half speak three or more languages.

The 21-year olds hobbies include volleyball, mountaineering, and trekking.

She has already set up her foundation to help little kids and her dream for her future is to work with non-governmental organizations and children.



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