National Children's Museum Gives Elmo and Big Bird a Permanent Home

By Kelly Marrone,
The museum opens in Maryland in 2013

The National Children’s Museum in Prince George’s County, Maryland, is set to open in 2013, and they have announced some great characters for the exhibits.

The museum announced Thursday that they have partnered with Sesame Workshop, which is the nonprofit organization behind Sesame Street, and they’ve landed Cookie Monster, Elmo, and Oscar the Grouch for their exhibits.

Museum president and CEO, Kathy Dwyer Southern, described that their message is “to inspire kids to care about and improve the world.” She said that the partnership with Sesame Workshop is “very, very exciting for us.”

Sesame Workshop’s president and CEO, Gary Knell, is glad that the workshop has a permanent home at the museum.

He said, “Having Elmo and Big Bird as part of the museum now in a public way we hope will help them get to the finish line faster than they might have otherwise.”

Knell clarified that the museum’s goal is to reach $182 million in fundraising money.



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