New Beatles Release?

By Jessica McCumber,
Paul McCartney said he hopes to finally release "Carnival of Lights."

As unlikely as it sounds, yes, there is a new Beatles track in need of being released, reports NYTimes.com.

The Guardian reported that Paul McCartney admitted in an interview with BBC Radio 4 (to air this week) that there is, in fact, a 14 minute unreleased track.

Titled "Carnival of Lights," McCartney said the legendary group recorded it during a session at Abbey Road Studios in 1967.

The track was highly experimental as McCartney just gave instructions for his fellow Beatles to "just wander round all of the stuff and bang it, shout, play it."

According to NYTimes, what they captured were distorted guitar sounds, organ notes and random shouted phrases.

Also reported was that the track (inspired by experimental composers John Cage and Karlheinz) has only been played once at an electronic music festival in London.

McCartney said, "The time has come for it to get its moment," and that he is ready and waiting with the master recording.

Sadly, Love won't be all he needs to release the song. Permission has to be granted from Ringo Starr and the widows of John Lennon and George Harrison.

As it has already been buried 41 years, hopefully things will be worked out and no more time will be wasted in getting it released now.

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