Newsday Interviews TheCelebrityCafe.com Founder Dominick Miserandino for Website’s 15th Birthday

As the longest running entertainment publication on the World Wide Web, TheCelebrityCafe.com has evolved tremendously since it was founded by Dominick Miserandino fifteen years ago. For the website’s 15th birthday, Newsday interviewed Miserandino, an innovative entrepreneur who runs TheCelebrityCafe.com from an office in Oceanside, New York, to learn more about how the site has thrived in the cutthroat environment of the World Wide Web.

Unlike other celebrity websites that rely on defamatory comments, shock value, and bashing high-profile stars to attract a loyal viewership, TheCelebrityCafe.com is known for delivering news with a far more unbiased approach. “We’re providing entertainment news, but without the slander and trash,” Miserandino said. “There’s no need to blast people.”

“Fifteen years is, indeed, a long time for a small independent site to survive,” professor of digital media Sree Sreenivasan acknowledges. “The dynamics and economics of Web publication have changed enormously over the last 15 years, and it isn’t easy to sustain a site over that time period. Among the problems: Either the audience or the founder loses interest.”

As a website that attracts upwards of 4.8 million unique readers per month, TheCelebrityCafe.com’s popularity has shown no signs of abating. As for the founder, Miserandino does not appear to have lost any of the drive he initially felt in 1995 when he used the site to post stories he had written that were featured in his campus’ newspaper.

“It’s worked for 15 years,” Miserandino told Newsday. “Why screw it up?”



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