Nick Cannon explains Mariah Carey was accused of abusing newborn twins by drinking and using drugs while breastfeeding

By Gina DiFalco,

Nick Cannon is revealing that his wife, Mariah Carey, was accused of abusing the couple’s newborn twins by consuming alcohol and using drugs while breastfeeding, resulting in a visit from a social worker while she was still in the hospital on Tuesday.

The new father appeared on Piers Morgan Tonight on Thursday and revealed that he believes the visit was a result of a nurse encouraging Carey to drink some beer in order to help with the breastfeeding efforts.

Carey gave birth to twins two weeks ago but remains in the hospital while she recovers from a Caesarean delivery, and the twins are being treated on their own accord.

"Child protective services were called with allegations that, you know, there was some drinking and drugs and all that going on while in the hospital, which again makes no sense to me," Cannon told CNN host Piers Morgan.

Cannon said it all started when a nurse suggested the singer drink "a small amount of Guinness, the dark beer, that improves the yeast for breastfeeding or the yeast improves breastfeeding.”

"I guess someone maybe overheard that (suggestion), and this is a good way to make a quick buck, or call the tabloids," he continued to explain. "It's kind of sad that people think that we'll make money off of these newborns."

Showbiz411.com reports that after the incident, Carey and Cannon explained, “Taxpayer money was wasted, too, because this was labeled an emergency. It was ridiculous.”



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