Octomom Losing House to Foreclosure

By John Hall,
Suleman to lose house because of not keeping up with payments.

The slumping economy has been rough on everyone these days. Just imagine the toll it would take on you if you were raising 14 kids.

Noted "Octomom" Nadya Suleman might lose her Southern California home after failing to keep up with mortgage payments. Mortgage holder Amer Haddadin says he will be starting foreclosure proceedings on the $565,000 La Habra home.

Haddadin's adviser, Ramsey Masso, said the residence was signed over to Suleman's father last year. Ed Suleman leased the home to his daughter and would be paying $4,000 a month with a final payment of $450,000. That final payment, due earlier this month, was never made.

Masso says the family was also late on recent payments.

The event could spell bad news for Suleman's already shaky public profile. Since the birth of her octuplets, public reaction has been negative with many questioning the unemployed single mother's ability to successfully raise 14 children. Suleman calls the judgment unfair and continues to purport that she can competently provide for her four daughters and ten sons with the help of church, friends, and family.



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