The Office Wedding: Top 15 Jim and Pam Moments

By Rachel Kolb,
This week, Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly are getting married on "The Office." In honor of the occasion, here are fifteen of the very best Jim and Pam moments.

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I am a self-proclaimed "Office" fangirl. I have watched the show obsessively since my freshman year of college, and this week, a long-time dream is coming true. Jim and Pam are finally getting married. In honor of their nuptials this week, I am counting down the top fifteen Jim and Pam moments on "The Office."

15. Jim and Pam buy a gift for Kevin. "Michael's Birthday," season 2, episode 19.
This scene was great because not only were Jim and Pam doing something kind for Kevin but they were bonding and having fun while doing something relatively mundane: grocery shopping. Also, Pam using the intercom to make a "Star Wars" reference was simultaneously dorky and adorable.

14. Jim and Pam cuddle together and listen to Dwight read "Harry Potter" to them. "Money," season 4, episode 4.
They are staying at Schrute Farms, a situation that is rather strange, but they find this sweet romantic moment in the midst of the weirdness. Also, I have a fondness for "Harry Potter," especially when it is read aloud.

13. Jim admits in a talking head that he bought a ring one week after he started dating Pam from "Chair Model," season 4, episode 10.
After Jim confesses to the camera that he has a ring, he keeps teasing Pam with a proposal. At one point, he gets down on one knee and then asks Pam if she will wait while he ties his shoe. Just goes to show that Jim is cute even when he's a little bit mean.

12. Jim's rainy marriage proposal from "Weight Loss," season 5, episode 1.
This was one of the most unexpected moments in the entirety of "The Office," and even though Jim's proposal wasn't exactly what everyone expected, the looks on their faces were looks of pure happiness.

11. Pam finds Jim's yearbook picture. "Email Surveillance," season 2, episode 9.
Pam laughs when she sees Jim's yearbook picture, but the audience felt a little pity for Jim. No one wants the person they are secretly in love with it to see their embarrassing high school pictures.

10. Jim and Pam convince Dwight that Jim has superhuman abilities. "Casino Night," season 2, episode 22.
This is still one of my all-time favorite moments on "The Office" and my favorite prank that Jim and Pam pulled on Dwight together. Pam doesn't even have to say anything. All she has to do is hold up an umbrella and smile for the camera.

9. Jim's outburst, "I would save the secretary." "Booze Cruise," season 2, episode 11.
On the booze cruise, the captain asks Jim who he would save if Dunder-Mifflin was on fire, and he safely replies, "The customer." The captain scoffs at his answer, and Jim walks away, turns to the camera, and admits, "I would save the secretary. I just wanted to clear that up." After being pushed to the edge, Jim almost confesses his feelings to Pam, but Roy destroys Jim's moment by announcing that he wants to set a date for the wedding.

8. Pam walks on hot coals and confesses her true feelings to Jim. "Beach Games," season 3, episode 23.
Pam had been working all season to become what Jim and the fans termed as "Fancy New Beesly." This moment was the culmination of her work all season. Michael sets up a coal walk as part of an office competition for a job promotion, but he tells Pam that she cannot do the coal walk because she is not eligible for the promotion. Pam ignores Michael and does the coal walk anyways. Afterwards, she has the courage to confront her co-workers, most of which did not show up for her art show, and she admits that she called off her wedding because of Jim. Pam left the fans cheering, "Go, Fancy New Beesly, go!"

7. The sleepy shoulder snuggle. "Diversity Day," season 1, episode 2.
Pam was tired after a day of diversity training, and she takes a nap on Jim's shoulder. He is startled, but then he smiles with contentment. This moment was the first great Jim and Pam moment and foreshadowed what was going to develop between Jim and Pam.

6. Jim and Pam find out that Pam is pregnant. "Company Picnic," season 5, episode 26.
John Krasinski's acting is what makes this scene so memorable. Jim goes in to get an update from the doctor after Pam twisted her ankle playing volleyball at the company picnic, and when he walks out, he laughs and suddenly tears up with joy. John Krasinski's performance made "Company Picnic" the best season finale since "Casino Night."

5. Jim and Pam's dinner on the roof. "The Client," season 2, episode 7.
Jim and Pam find out that Michael is writing a James Bond-esque screenplay starring himself, so they get the whole office to have a read-aloud while Michael is out having lunch with a client. When their reading goes past 5:00, Pam opts to stick around for a little while longer. Jim makes his famous grilled cheese sandwiches, and Jim and Pam have a lovely dinner up on the roof. Afterwards, Pam moves in close so she can listen in on Jim's iPod. Pam says later that it wasn't a date, but "Office" fans knew better.

4. Jim's teapot Christmas present for Pam. "Christmas Party," season 2, episode 10.
Jim's present for Pam is thoughtful, funny and touching. He gets her a teapot, but inside, he hides mini-presents including his high school yearbook picture, a packet of hot sauce (inside joke) and a card because "Christmas is when you tell people how you feel." Later, he loses his nerve and steals back the card before Pam gets a chance to read it, but Jim's Christmas present makes every girl wish she had a Jim in her life.

3. Pam jinxes Jim into silence. "Drug Testing," season 2, episode 20.
Pam jinxes Jim, and he isn't allowed to speak again until he buys her a Coke. Unfortunately, the vending machine is out of Coke, so in staying true to the rules of jinx, he remains tight-lipped all day. His silence, however, leads to a moment of clarity and heartache for Jim and Pam. Pam tells Jim that he can break the rules of jinx and that he can tell her anything. His look of sadness tells the truth. No, he can't tell her everything. Not yet anyways.

2. Pam gets drunk, kisses Jim, falls off a bar stool and forgets it all the next day. "The Dundies," season 2, episode 1.
Roy and Pam have a fight at Chili's during the annual Dunder-Mifflin Scranton "Dundies" awards night, and Pam chooses to stay at Chili's while Roy goes home alone. Pam gets very drunk, and after winning her Dundie, she gives Jim a big ol' kiss. Everyone is surprised when she does it, but no one is surprised when she doesn't remember it the next day.

1. Jim tells Pam that he loves her. "Casino Night," season 2, episode 22.
There has never been, nor will there ever be, a scene on "The Office" that is as great as Jim's confession to Pam during "Casino Night." Jim takes a huge risk in love, and anyone who has ever been in love will relate to his struggle to let his feelings known. The scene does not play out like a Hollywood movie. Instead, Pam rejects Jim, and Jim walks away broken-hearted. Afterwards, Pam is still conflicted about her feelings for Jim, and she calls her mom from the office to ask her advice. Suddenly, Jim shows up, and before she can say anything, he kisses her. Before the audience can gauge her reaction, the episode ends, and "Office" fans had to wait an entire summer to find out what happened after the kiss. "Casino Night," written by "Office" star Steve Carell, is television perfection.

Bonus Blink-And-You-Missed-It Moment: Jim and Pam doing the "West Side Story" dance-and-snap behind Michael in "The Fight," season 2, episode 6.

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