Oscar ballots cause confusion

By Robert Kirchgassner,

The Academy Award nomination ballots were mailed out Tuesday. However, some Academy members are confused by the new voting system.

The confusion stems from the number of nominees for Best Picture.

In June, the Academy announced there would be five to ten Best Picture nominees, rather than the strictly ten that have been nominated in the past couple of years. The final number for the upcoming ceremony would depend on how many films obtained first place votes on at least five percent of the admission ballots.

The ballots themselves contain only five spaces for voters to nominate films.
Voters have been assured that this is not an error.

"This time around, in the case of the best picture ballot, each member will be given a ballot with five open slots, which they will be asked to fill in with five movies, again ranked by preference,” Academy spokespeople announced in June.

The ballots are due to be returned by Jan. 13 and the nominations will be announced Jan. 24.

The movies with best picture prospects include The Artist, The Help, The Descendants, War Horse, and Hugo.

The 84th Academy Awards will air Feb. 26 with Billy Crystal returning as host for the first time in eight years.



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