Paris Hilton storms off the set of 'The View'

By Casey Needham,

Paris Hilton threw a tantrum backstage after being asked the tough questions by Barbara Walters on The View.

Hilton is no stranger to being in the spotlight as her party girl ways have landed her a lot of attention. So when it came time for Paris to try and promote a real project, others were a bit surprised.

She went on The View to promote her new show, The World According to Paris, but things quickly took a negative turn when Walters started asking Hilton some tough questions that apparently she wasn’t ready to answer.

As TMZ reports, Barbara really went after Paris because of her complaining about having to do 200 hours of community service. Walters was also not impressed when Hilton mentioned her charity work, saying she should show her charity work on her show.

After being beat down by the ladies of The View, Paris stormed off the set and was fuming at the producers for the tone of the interview. After that, Paris also cancelled numerous scheduled press appointments and other interviews about her new show, says the Toronto Sun.

It seems that no matter what endeavor Paris tries to do, she is still seen as a bit fluffy because of her carefree lifestyle. The heiress was visibly upset, but the public will be the judge of her show as it continues to air.



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