‘Pawn Stars’ Recap: 4/11/11

By Daniel S Levine,

This week’s two Pawn Stars episodes were much better than last week’s barrage of bland items. They were both much funnier, featuring some fantastic Old Man moments, and had much more interesting items.

The first episode started with a roughed-up one man submarine being brought to the shop. Chumlee says that when he first heard there was one being brought in, he thought it was going to be a submarine sandwich. Anyway, the woman who brought it in asked for $25,000. Rick ended up getting it for $3000. He told Chumlee not to tell the Old Man, setting up the ‘plot’ for the episode. How long would it take until Chumlee spilled the beans?

The answer is: not long. He soon told the Old Man, who was enraged. “We don’t buy a f--king boat!” he says to Rick. Later in the episode, submarine expert Kells came to the shop, saying that it was a $100,000 restoration job. The Old Man felt that he succeeded, but in fact, the expert says that as is, it would get around $10,000. Still, Rick gets no apology from the Old Man.

Other items included a miniature Model-T that had a working motor, an antique spittoon and an R2-D2 Pepsi cooler. The seller of the mini Model-T disappointed Rick by refusing to sell it for $600, though the spittoon owner was excited to get $50 out of it. The owner of the R2 cooler was a true Star Wars fan, who wouldn’t sell it for $500. Big Hoss though, congratulated him for not taking the money, because he thought it wasn’t even worth $150.

The second episode revolved around Chumlee’s bizarre fixation with a souped-up 1986 Buick Regal. The owner spent $10,000 himself fixing it up and was hoping to get $2500 from the shop. Big Hoss wouldn’t budge at $1500, though. Chumlee fell in love with the car at first sight, saying “I think I’m in love.” He then convinces himself that it’s worth $2000 and buys it for himself!

When Hoss tells Rick and the Old Man about it, the Old Man squints his eyes and gives his usual “Oh MA GAWD” reaction. He then says that a “Buick Regal should only be sold for scrap.” At the end of the episode, Chumlee takes the guys to Danny’s customizing shop, where he reveals that he had the hydraulics system done! Hoss and Rick leave the Old Man there to be taken home by Chumlee, who tortures him by rocking the car up and down. “Just get this one the ground!” the Old Man yells.

The only other interesting item of the episode was an infrared heat seeker for a 1964 Sidewinder Missile. Rick was nervous about whether or not it was legal to own, but the woman did have a piece of paper saying that she owned it. A veteran pilot was brought in to inspect the piece and he was amazed that such a thing was in the hands of a civilian. He said that he was unsure of any commercial value, but Rick still bought it for $550. Rick said that even if it just sat in the store, it’s still a “cool piece to have around.”

Overall, the two episodes highlighted what makes Pawn Stars worth watching week after week. That is, seeing Chumlee do something stupid and then seeing the Old Man’s over-the-top reactions.



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