‘Pawn Stars’ recap: ‘Teacher’s Pet’ & ‘Bugs Money’

By Daniel S Levine,

While the major networks launched their season premieres, the History Channel aired two new episodes of Pawn Stars.

The “Teacher’s Pet” of the first episode was Antwan, the shop’s security guard, who wanted to learn the business. He chose Chumlee to teach him. His successful negotiation for the $50 purchase of an antique toy car at the end of the episode proved that Chum is actually good at something.

Meanwhile, the regular business at the shop started with what was thought to be a World War II bomb sight, which would help guide bombs. Unfortunately, museum curator, Mark, said it was actually just a computer used to help gunners. Rick said that it was worth next to nothing, only offering $50. That was too little for the owner, who walked away.

The other big item was a set of two ‘illuminated books,’ which featured hand drawn artwork. The owner thought they were from the 17th century, when they were really from 1903. Rick still bought the set for $2,000. He brought the books to expert Rebecca, who said that they were not worth that much because he did not have the entire set. However, because of the artwork, it could be worth anywhere from $2,500 to $4,000.

In “Bugs Money,” the big item was a signed Bugs Bunny poster. It had the signatures of voice actor Mel Blanc and animator Friz Freleng. The poster was framed and autograph expert Drew authenticated it. Corey bought the poster for $300.

The episode opened with a putter owned by singer/actor Dean Martin. The owner turned out to be Martin’s daughter-in-law! Rick bought it for $550.

Another great item was a 1941 Indian military motorcycle with a left-handed throttle. Car customizer, Danny, came down to take a look, saying that it was 90 percent there. Corey had to buy it, getting it for just $9,500. At the end of the episode, they showed Danny’s finished $14,000 restoration job. He completely re-did it, redressing it as a real military bike. He was still convinced Rick would get $30,000 to $35,000, which certainly made Rick happy.



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