Perez Hilton: Next AI Judge?

By Courtney Howe,
Perez Hilton eyes 'American Idol'.

Since news of Simon Cowell’s departure from American Idol hit the air waves, there has been much speculation about whom, if anyone could fill his shoes, and more importantly, his fitted v-necks. According to a recent article on MTV.com, Perez Hilton thinks he has just what it takes.

The popular entertainment blogger has offered himself up as the next judge for American Idol, or if nothing else, Hilton would like to be considered for a position on Simon’s new show, “X-Factor.” In today’s article, Perez told MTV, “I'd be a great judge, but I'd also happily be a judge along with Simon Cowell on his U.S. version of 'X Factor.' Basically, I'm shamelessly looking for work. I'm available. And I'm cheap!"

Sure, Perez has zero musical knowledge, but he does have some judging experience. Who could forget Hilton’s last gig as a judge at the Miss USA Pageant. After Miss California winner Carrie Prejean gave her controversial opinion about gay marriage, Hilton gave her a score of zero, and then launched a full scale attack against the pageant contestant via YouTube. He also appeared on several television and radio shows defending his tirade, and standing by his usage of some rather harsh B and C words to describe the young beauty queen.

And so begs the question, is Perez Hilton ready for American Idol? Maybe. But is Fox ready for Perez Hilton? Probably not.



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