Pope has first ever video conference with space station

By Kathleen Dalton,
Benedict wishes Giffords a quick recovery

Pope Benedict conducted the first ever video conference with the astronauts of the International Space Station today. The pope spoke to the astronauts through a video link in the Vatican’s library.

According to pcmag.com the pope spoke to the astronauts for around 20 minutes and asked five questions. He expressed sympathy towards shuttle commander Mark Kelly’s wife Senator Gabrielle Giffords. Benedict also expressed sympathies for another astronaut mourning the death of his mother.

"Space exploration is a fascinating scientific adventure. It's also an adventure of the human spirit, a powerful stimulus to reflect on the origins and the destiny of the universe and humanity," Benedict said.

According to The Huffington Post the pope bestowed a blessing upon the 12 astronauts aboard the station and commended them for their courage, discipline and commitment.



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