Prostate problem made Gerard Depardieu pee publicly on plane

By David Falcone,

According to a friend, French actor Gerard Depardieu peed in a water bottle on a plane when a stewardess denied him access to the bathroom because of prostate problems.

According to the Chicago Tribune, fellow actor Edouard Baer, who was traveling with Depardieu on the flight to Dublin to film the latest Asterix and Obelix movie, said that Gerard tried to pee in a water bottle but it overflowed after he was denied entrance to the bathroom because the plane was taking off.

"It's just that the bottle was too small. It's true that it overflowed," Baer told Europe 1 radio. "He was embarrassed. He wanted to clean it up...It was very humiliating and awkward for him. He obviously made a big scene (saying) 'I pissed on myself.'"

The incident originally came to light when a passenger told French radio on Wednesday that the actor had appeared drunk and urinated in the aisle.

According to ABC News, Depardieu was kicked off the flight and the incident caused a delay of more than an hour because the plane was forced to land and had to be cleaned.

"Gerard wanted to explain to the people on the plane, then he was furious, which I can understand, but he did not lose his temper. It was the hostess who was being zealous, and there you go, he took the next airplane. There was no problem," said Baer.



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