Rainn Wilson speaks out about new 'Office' boss

By Brianna Gunter,
It's still a mystery as to who will be the new regional manager at the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin Paper, but one thing's for certain; it won't be Dwight.

The mystery continues as to who will replace Steve Carrell’s character on NBC’s hit show “The Office.”

Without giving anything away, actor Rainn Wilson, who plays creepy salesman/beet farmer/bed and breakfast owner Dwight Schrute on “The Office,” talked to Access Hollyood on Oct. 31 about the actors NBC has approached to possibly become the new “Office” boss.

“They reached out to Dame Judi Dench last week, Queen Latifah, Nick Nolte and Ice-T or Ice Cube, I can’t remember,” Wilson
joked. “There’s a lot of options out there on the table.”

Two of those options include Danny McBride and Rhys Darby. In early September rumors circulated that Harvey Keitel would be asked, but the show’s producers later confirmed this to be just a rumor.

Wilson did say however that, despite some internet speculations, Dwight will not become the new boss because “he would fire everybody” and therefore “it just wouldn’t work out.”

In a video interview, Steve Carell told Access Hollywood that he wants his character’s exit to be subtle.

“The show itself is in theory, an examination of a very mundane office situation,” Carell said. “The more elaborate the plots and the crazier it becomes, I think it gets away from that sort of examination…I would like you know, the departure to be maybe a little bit different than you’d expect it, and maybe not tie everything up in a pretty bow.”

While the rest of the cast has remained relatively silent on the matter, cast member and show writer Mindy Kaling told TMZ that Carrell’s leaving “sucks” and makes her sad.

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