'Real Housewife' Kim Richards in rehab

By Deborah Kim,

Just when we all thought Kim Richards' loopy behavior on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was due to a bad mix of medications and not alcohol, looks like she's back to her season one ways.

People reported Paris Hilton's aunt has checked into an undisclosed rehab facility.

In an episode that aired in October, new castmate Brandi Glanville said Kim was "wasted out of her f---ing mind" and addicted to crack, sparking a huge fight between her and the Richards sisters.

According to AOL TV, this isn't Kim's first stint in rehab.

After the show's season one finale in January, Kim reportedly checked into rehab, only to check out one week later.

In the episode, sister Kyle yells at her, calling her a liar and "an alcoholic! Yeah, that's right. I've said it now and everybody knows."

Castmate Adrienne Maloof was recently on The Wendy Williams Show with plastic surgeon husband Paul Nassif.

Paul spoke about Kim's unusual behavior, attributing the combination of her medications (anti-anxiety, antidepressant, and anti-seizure meds) for her at times ditzy mood.

"When you're on numerous medications for moods, and you combine them all together, and possibly the dosing may be off, it can cause some of those symptoms of the eyes a little glassy, a little bit of slurring of the words ... just looking like you're not completely with it," he said.

Let's hope Kim gets what she needs this time around and never has to enter rehab again.



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