'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' recap

By Steven Loffredo,

This episode of the The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills displayed much conflict and hostility between the House Wives, though there was no true point where anyone lost their handle,the stage is set for an explosion.

Adrienne Maloof finally made it to the Sacramento Kings game even though her, her husband and their body guard had to wait a while for Kim Richards. It was quite apparent when Richards showed up that she was extremely drunk. Richards annoying rambling and simply foolish behavior was a dead giveaway. The most crucial part of the plane ride to Sacramento was hearing Kim Richards bad mouth Lisa Vanderpump and Taylor Armstrong. Last episode she was trying to cheer Armstrong up and tell her everything was going to be fine. However this episode she is rambling about Armstrong’s business in front of Nassif and his body guard.

The arrival at the game didn't quite live up to the intensity, people were disappointed about the departure of their team and it clearly affected Adrienne Maloof, but the fans weren't the blood thirsty savages that some made them out to be. Kim Richards proved in this episode how self centered and sneaky she could be. Even at the game she couldn't help but ramble about her personal business on a day that was clearly hard for Maloof. Paul Nassif was clearly starting to get upset as in the suite he had to tell Kim Richards to stop talking and watch the game. It was good to see everyone get out of the arena safely as it seemed at the very least someone would get hit with a beer or food.

Camille Grammer is still trying to get through her breakup. She is good at flying under the radar and keeping the issue away from everyone. It seems that she talks to her out of the spot light friends about things because she doesn’t want any information about her personal life being spread everywhere. Grammer distances herself from people that can potentially hurt her. A solid example was her former friend Carl. She admitted that he was a trusted friend and she quickly stopped talking to him when she found out that he was aware that Kelsey Grammer was cheating on her. Camille Grammer appears to be on track with getting over her break up and getting her family to the next phase, however there is still a long road to travel.

Kyle Richards has been the most level in the past few episodes and most of this one. Most of the episode she was working on getting a charity event set up. Throughout the show she displayed some personality by telling jokes and being rather lax. The reason she can seem so straight up at times is because she hides her emotions and buries them. The entire episode she was worried about people showing up to her event. She was scared wondering if everything would be good enough. Typically that would be understandable for anyone throwing a party, but to be crying because the flowers weren’t there yet just says that there are other issues at the helm. Kyle Richards husband Mauricio is a very important person to her. He clearly knows how to calm her down and get the best out of her.

Richards’s party seemed great from anyone watching from a bird’s eye view but Lisa Vanderpump was quietly pushing Taylor Armstrong to her wits end. Armstrong was clearly upset this episode that someone leaked very private details about her life to the press. Armstrong made it clear that she suspects Lisa Vanderpump of leaking some information about her melt down and lack of eating. Vanderpump only strengthened the suspicion by constantly talking about Armstrongs issues during the charity event to Armstrong. Vanderpump and Armstrong also have not been very close in the past.

Vanderpump does not mean to offend Armstrong, she is legitimately concerned, and she is the only one even trying to be available for Armstrong. It is unlikely that Vanderpump went to the media, had she revealed information about Armstrongs business she would not be at the forefront trying to talk and be there for Armstrong. Whoever did talk to the media is someone that would fly under the radar. Kim Richards is likely the culprit, as she showed how self centered she is and was willing to talk on the plane about private details. Not to mention her problem with drinking and perhaps drugs in the last episode makes her the least reliable to keep any kind of delicate information a secret.

The building story line will be Vanderpump and the Housewives against Brandi. Brandi was spotted with Cedric, Vanderpumps ex-husband and Lisa Vanderpump is suspicious and jealous. Brandi was not disrespectful or rude, yet Vanderpump and her friend Martin were right in her face bothering her.

The most comical moment of the episode was Paul Nassif getting frustrated by all the wives whispering bad things about Brandi, when they were all picking out ridiculous things to mock her, Nassif responded sternly and said “who cares”

Expect Armstrong to confront Vanderpump next episode, also look for Kim Richards’s alcohol problem to resurface as an issue. Brandi is currently the new enemy of the housewives.



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