'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills': Your Face or Mine

By Steven Loffredo,

This episode of The Real Housewives Beverly Hills saw tensions get pushed to the edge as the Richards sisters seem about ready to snap on one another, while Taylor Armstrong is trying to keep things calm between her husband and Lisa Vanderpump.

Facial repairs have become prominent between the housewives and some would say it is almost symbolic that all of these women who put on fronts to hide what they really feel are covering any blemish they can find with a surgeon. The days of the spa and facial reconstruction have brought an authentic element back to the show. For a while the show was being filmed and giving the viewer a since of relation to the housewives, but lately the program has aimed more at the stereotypes portrait of rich women from Beverly Hills.

The issues that many of the housewives deal with are real issues and it shouldn’t be said that money equates to happiness, the best example being Taylor Armstrong, who the audience has seen go through a lot of mental and physical abuse. At the same time people enjoy the show because it is sometimes mind boggling to see grown women who have done well to make a fortune act like third grade children with bickering and complaining.

A growing issue is Kim and Kyle Richards, Kyle is being branded to much of a mother and Kim is still being accused of being on drugs. The audience found out today thanks to some questions from Doctor Paul Nassif that Kim has seemed so out of it as a result of different medications being mixed. As soon as that information was revealed a huge hex sitting on Kim vanished and she suddenly became a housewife that everyone could listen to again. In previous episodes whenever Kim spoke it was as if she was spewing hot air. Now that it is understood that she isn’t abusing a substance and is credible to everyone watching.

Kyle might not even know what Kim is taking as lately the sisters have a noticeable amount of distance. Kim seems ashamed to be a part of her family as she hasn’t let anyone into her life, she is seeing a man no one has met, and everyone has just learned that she is about to move. Kim is either ashamed of the man she is dating or ashamed of her family. It is possible that she feels that the man she is with isn’t attractive enough and she doesn’t want to face scrutiny or she feels that her family will scare him off by judging him and poking holes in him. Kim clearly feels safe with this man the time not spent with the other housewives is almost certainly spent with him, likely because Kim doesn’t want to be in the middle of the controversy.

Kim Richards is lonely; we saw this earlier in the season, so she has really invested into this man. This relationship likely won’t work out, Kyle Richards seems jealous; though she may not be able to break them up on a whim she can certainly plant a seed of doubt in each of them. I predict that Kyle and Kim continue their conflict and that will push Kim closer to the man she is with.

Lisa Vanderpump and Taylor will also have a conflict next episode. Lisa is great at acting like she is above the nonsense, but in actuality she is right in the thick of things. Lisa has been bad mouthing Taylor Armstrong and her marriage for a few episodes. It may not be over the top but she does mention the relationship being weak to almost all of the other wives. Getting an e-mail from Russell set her off, but there was no real reason. If Lisa had nothing to do with the tabloids she wouldn’t have said anything to anyone, she would have contacted Russell or Taylor immediately. Instead she asks every other housewife why she received the e-mail as if they would know. What this does is make Russell look like a jerk and Lisa look like a victim.

Most of the issues in this show would be resolved if the housewives just addressed them face to face and in private before running around and spewing information to everyone first. By the time the face to face confrontation occurs everyone is boiled up and things explode when sometimes things could be solved with a two minute discussion.

Next episode Kyle will meet Kim's boyfriend and Lisa and Taylor will talk, it should be an entertaing episode but expect to see a lot of strange moments in both discussions. Kyle being so upset will probably make some offensive remarks which may set Kim into a frenzy. If so the heavy weight bout of the season may be just around the corner.



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