Rihanna ‘We Found Love’ video banned in France

By Chelsea Lewis ,
Rihanna still proud of her work

Rihanna is known for being the bad girl of pop music, often releasing suggestive music videos and sensual driven song lyrics. Her newest music video, “We Found Love,” has received high praise for its creativity and shock value, but the video proved to be to sexy for the French. The video has been banned from daytime TV in France.

SheKnows.com reported that the video will be able to air in France after 10 p.m. The censors in Europe cited the “self destructive behavior” and scenes of “pronounced suggestive” content as their reasoning for banning the video from daytime TV.

The Mirror UK reported that the video had been previously slammed after the video seemed to be hinting at an abusive relationship that Rihanna had with Chris Brown.

This is not the first time Rihanna has been banned, her video for “S&M,” was banned in over 11 countries.

Rihanna wrote on her personal Twitter that she was very proud of this music video, that nothing like this had been done before and it was one of the deepest videos the musician had ever been a part of. The director of the video, Melina Matsoukas, has also been defending the using of provocatively imagery in the music video and is proud of the work.



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