Roseanne Barr: Getting back into sitcoms

By Karen Ruffini,
Funny girl Roseanne is developing new television sitcom

If you grew up in the 1990's, then you know Roseanne is synonymous with the word "sitcom." The show was on in almost every working and middle class home, because of its close relation to the blue collar world. It showed a struggling family who loved each other, and loved to hate each other--in a loving way, of course.

Lucky for us, Roseanne Barr is at it again, creating a new T.V. show called Downwardly Mobile The new sitcom is going to be based on a portrayal of her own life, a dedication to the working class citizens and not at all about the recent shows on t.v. that depict million dollar homes and plastic housewives.

I say, "You go, girl!"

Roseanne also stars in a reality series, Roseanne's Nuts, which, according to huffingtonpost.com, is about her Hawaii macadamia nut farm. Talk about being nuts…

But, I digress. Downwardly Mobile will be "a close-knit blue-collar family living in tough economic times", says a source at thehollywoodreporter. It is being developed for 20th Century Fox.

If you liked Roseanne, which, like most of us working class folk did because of its direct representation of a "real" family, then chances are Downwardly Mobile will be a hit in your household, too. The characters will be closely related to the same traits of the family on Roseanne. Kids who get smart with their parents, parents who get smart right back at them--you know, real functioning families. So, if you're stuck on living life like a "real housewife" or maybe you're as sweet as a kid from The Brady Bunch, try opening up your mind to someone like fun, quirky, and witty Roseanne Barr.



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