Royal Wedding Update: Food and Drink

By Gyra Chan,

There is no denying how much work is going into the Royal Wedding. With the ceremony just a month a way, more details about the food and drink are surfacing.. Chefs are preparing 10,00 canapes for the lunchtime reception after the ceremony and a special beer is going to be brewed just for the occasion.

CNN reports that the 600 guests who will return to Buckingham Palace after the ceremony will be served a tremendous 10,00 canapes. There will be 21 chefs preparing around 18 varieties of different temperatures and flavors, all of which have been approved by the royal couple.

But if beer is more tempting that canapés, not to worry, Reuters reports that there will be a special beer made in dedication to the royal wedding from the Windsor and Elton Brewery.

The “Windsor Knot” ale will be dedicated to the Royal Couple in celebration of their wedding. Paddy Johnson, the Master Brewer, told Reuters: “We tried to design a beer that's light in flavor and color, so that it will appeal to a lot of people, but has also got a very memorable flavor to it.” He is hoping that it will be an appealing beer choice for the parties and barbecues celebrating the royal wedding.

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