Saoirse Ronan learned to play piano in 12 weeks

By Deborah Kim,

Saoirse Ronan already got the role so it wasn’t even necessary, but the Lovely Bones star proved just how dedicated she is to her craft by hitting the keys.

The Belstaff Telegraph reported Ronan had zero piano lessons prior to being cast as a music-loving vampire in Byzantium.

And when she got the role, director Neil Jordan said it would be okay if she just mimicked playing the piano during filming.

But don’t just blow off the 17-year-old and her determination.

UK’s Daily Mail reported all the Irish actress needed was 12 weeks of two-hours lessons every day with Yvonne Collier to learn Beethoven’s Sonata Opus 2, No. 3.’

“I started teaching Saoirse the piano with little exercises so she could learn the notes,” Collier said.

“Then we did lots of Lady GaGa pieces before moving on to Beethoven. Since her very first piano lesson it is truly remarkable what Saoirse can now do on the piano.”

Ronan said all the hard work was worth it in the end.

“There's this scene in the film where my vampire characters sit down to play an old piano and entrances everyone with her playing,” she said.

“My vampire Eleanor is 200 years old in the film and had been playing piano that long, so there was a bit of pressure but I wanted it to look real.”

It was so “real” that Jordan was left “speechless” and has been giving her more pieces of music to learn.

Filming on the film begins next month, but we’re confident Ronan will have Shostakovich Prelude No. 2 down pat! It’s so refreshing to see young stars more focused on acting than fame.



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