Scarlett Johansson hates her media nickname

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Scarlett Johansson arriving at the 64th Annual Tony Awards at Radio City Music Hall on June 13, 2010 in New York City. *** ***

In our celebrity obsessed world, the media often gives abbreviated nicknames for the most beloved stars.It's not often however, that a celebrity will attempt to publicly struggle against that nickname.

Scarlet Johansson recently did an interview with USA Today in which she laments becoming “ScarJo."

Johansson complains that the name is “a laziness”. When media outlets report on her day in and day out, this is probably somewhat true. “ScarJo” is certainly easier to say and type than “Scarlett Johansson”. But she wonders why Daniel Day-Lewis isn't called “DaDay," and why “Cate Blanchett is not, like, 'CaBla'? Why is that? Why do I have to get stuck?”

A possible answer could be the fact that she has been so widely reported on in the tabloids. She has had many high profile relationships ranging from Josh Hartnett in the early 2000's, to her marriage to (and divorce of) Ryan Reynolds, and recently her coupling with Oscar winner Sean Penn, and that's just to name a few. One really doesn't find Daniel Day-Lewis or Cate Blanchett in the tabloids very often.

She has commented on her huge media presence, according to On the Red Carpet. Johansson said “One of the best things I learned this year was to not read any tabloid, gossipy, you know, garbage. It really keeps you on the straight and narrow.” Perhaps she's learned her lesson.

Most of the time, celebrities embrace the fact they are so widely recognized as to warrant a a media nickname. Jennifer Lopez in particular, celebrates her “JLo” status by naming a perfume line and her twitter account after her famously abbreviated title.

It is somewhat of a status symbol, having a widespread media nickname. But then again, if Johansson wishes to be compared to Blanchett rather than Lopez, I suppose it would not be such a complement.


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