Season 5 'American Idol' Finalist Mandisa Hundley Lost 90 Pounds

By Kelly Marrone,
She tweeted her struggles throughout the process.

Season 5 American Idol finalist, Mandisa Hundley, lost 90 pounds over the last two years, according to Zap2it.com. She chronicled her weight loss ordeal via Twitter because she realized that sometimes it’s important to share more than just good news.

She explains, “I was feeling embarrassed and ashamed. I realized that I had only talked about how great things were. I never let people in when they were not. It was then that I decided I’d talk about the bad things too.”

Hundley, a two-time Grammy nominee, actually used her struggles with her weight as inspiration for her new gospel album, titled What if We Were Real. The album will be released on April 5.

Hundley tells, “Where I was at the beginning of this album and where I ended up are two very different places. It’s been a process. I will always struggle with my weight. It’s the thorn in my flesh.”

The 34-year-old has no goal weight, but just wants to “be healthy physically, spiritually, and emotionally.”



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