Sharon Stone Feels 'Safe' Since Her Stalker is 'In a Lockdown of a Psychiatric Unit'

By Gina DiFalco,

Sharon Stone has filed a restraining order against a stalker who was found in her home earlier this month, and the actress says she feels safe now.

According to the Press Association, Stone appeared on Piers Morgan Tonight and explained that the reason she feels safe is because her stalker is on "lockdown."

“We have described him as mentally ill and he is currently in a lockdown of a psychiatric unit. So we feel safe,” Stone explained.

She continued, “The police really were wonderful. We're so lucky to have such a terrific police unit here. And they knew exactly what to do and they did a very good job. And it's been handled really well."

TMZ initially reported that the man, Bradley Gooden, claims he wrote the Oscar-nominated film The King’s Speech when he was 2 years old and is the son of Hillary Clinton.

The man was described as an "obsessed, mentally unstable, delusional person.”



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