Sheen Bombs Again, This Time in NYC

By David Creegan,

After his show had some minor success in Chicago and Cleveland, Charlie Sheen bombed another show, this time in New York City.

Sheen’s Violent Torpedo of Truth did not sit well with the New York audience at Radio City Music Hall. According to Celebuzz, Sheen “started 30 minutes later than planned,” and “once he took the stage, the night only got worse and more disappointing as fans booed and heckled Sheen until the show abruptly ended.”

One audience member, Christine Hayes, told CBS New York that “He was boring. He had nothing to say. He wasn’t … even his stories that he was telling about his hotel epics were boring.”

But Sheen still has some loyal fans. One fan said, “Charlie Sheen delivered exactly what he said he was going to deliver. If these people have an unrealistic expectation then that’s up to them.”

Sheen was not the only thing people were disgruntled with that night. CBS also reported that some people only paid $30 for tickets, or $42 for VIP tickets. But other people had to pay in excess of $100 per ticket.

While Sheen is set to do his show in New York City again tonight, there are still around 800 tickets still available.



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