Snooki’s Speaking Engagement at Rutgers Causes Outrage

By Ellen Stodola,
The ‘Jersey Shore’ star talked to students at Rutgers University.

Many people have become accustomed to seeing Snooki on television. The party girl earned her reputation on the MTV show, Jersey Shore.

However, one place that people may not expect to see her is on the campus of Rutgers University, but this is exactly where she was when she did a speaking engagement that cost the school thousands of dollars.

FOX News reports that the aftermath of this event seemed to spark mainly negative reactions. Parents were outraged both that Snooki was speaking at the school that they were sending their children to, and that she was being paid a huge sum of money for what was probably not a very enlightening experience for most people.

Even students reacted against the engagement saying that money that they were paying to go to school shouldn’t be going toward something like this.

Rutgers University had to react in some way to this, and The Hollywood Reporter notes that they thought that the $32,000 that they paid for Snooki’s appearance was reasonable compared to what other entertainers could have cost.

But many are debating whether or not Snooki can even be considered entertainment. This also sparks debate since it was pointed out that Toni Morrison, a Nobel winning author, will be getting paid less than Snooki when she speaks at the school’s graduation ceremony.



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