Spears almost calls Trawick her husband

By Rebekah Werner,

If Britney Spears is telling the truth when she denies her engagement between herself and former manager Jason Trawick, then she is doing an awful job of supporting her statement.

After the recent “engagement ring incident,” when Spears for some reason decided to wear what appeared to be an engagement ring on her ring finger, rumors flew about how she was finally ready to walk down the aisle once again.

E! Online put an end to those rumors quickly, as Spears denied the story.

But now it seems that a word hiccup from none other than Spears herself could be alluding to a possible wedding in the future.

When the Daily Star asked the 29-year old mother of two about her son’s superhero birthday party, Britney almost let the “h” word slip with speaking about Trawick.

“Oh I didn’t dress up at all! But me and my, I was going to say ‘husband’… boyfriend, do that every once in a while,” Monsters and Critics reports.

So maybe they aren’t officially engaged… yet. But it is clear that it is definitely on her mind.



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