The Story Behind the Garfield/Veteran's Day Controversy

By Gina DiFalco,
Garfield creator Jim Davis apologizes for his unintentionally offensive joke

The Washington Post is bringing to light the rather unfortunate timing that Thursday’s Garfield comic strip had – and creator Jim Davis’ attempt at an explanation.

Thursday’s Garfield features a joke in reference to “National Stupid Day,” that some have taken offense to on Veteran’s Day.

Davis has taken the time to explain that the timing of the release of this joke was not on purpose, as the disconnection of working months ahead as well as not being aware of scheduling has caused this ill-timed blunder.

Davis explains, “My brother Dave served in Vietnam. My son James is a Marine who has had two tours of duty, both in Iraq and Afghanistan. You'd have to go a long way to find someone who was more proud and grateful for what our Veterans have done for all of us.”

He emphasized, “It absolutely, positively has nothing to do with this important day of remembrance.”

Davis also explains, “It was written almost a year ago and I had no idea when writing it that it would appear today -- of all days. I do not use a calendar that lists holidays and other notable days so when this strip was put in the queue, I had no idea it would run on Veterans Day. What are the odds? You can bet I'll have a calendar that lists everything by my side in the future.”



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