Tennis player Michael Chang perplexed by Andre Agassi’s comments

By Alec Campagna,
Doesn’t understand Agassi’s comments regarding his Christian faith

Michael Chang, a contemporary of tennis legend Andre Agassi, revealed that his depiction in Agassi’s autobiography, Open, surprised him.

Tennis.com reports Chang saying, “I read the excerpts, and it’s hard for me not to shake my head a little bit.”

He continued, “I wonder if, to some degree, whether some of the stuff he wrote was more or less to sell the book.…It was kind of odd. Andre was very harsh on me for my Christian faith, but at the same time, I believe he understands where I am as far as my faith. We actually used to have Bible studies together early on in our careers.”

Chang also critiqued Agassi’s treatment of other tennis players in the autobiography, stating, “He was pretty harsh on everybody. I’m not really sure what his purpose was. But Andre is Andre. He can say what he wants. I would hope that, deep down inside, he knows what is real.”

Agassi attained the No.1 ranking and won a total of 60 singles titles.



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