Top 10 Romantic Movie Clips

By Ellen Stodola,
Here’s a select few of the cutest movie moments.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, you’re probably trying to figure out some feel-good films for the holiday. Here’s a look at some of the most romantic movie scenes.

10. Notting Hill--“I’m just a girl standing in front of a boy…..”—This is arguably one of the most important scenes in the film, if not the most important. Anna (Julia Roberts) and Will (Hugh Grant) have pretty much reached a crossroads where they both want a relationship to work but don’t know how to make it work since it requires compromises on both sides. This moment of superstar Anna Scott leaving herself completely vulnerable by admitting that she’s in love with Will, a bookstore owner in Notting Hill, is completely touching, and it is also heartbreaking as he lets her walk out of the bookstore. However, in this romantic comedy, things can only get better for the couple. It’s refreshing to see this relationship fall into place against all odds.

9. A Lot Like Love--“I’ll Be There For You”--- This is an adorable scene for Ashton Kutcher. After several years of being just friends and always having the unfortunate issue of bad timing in their relationship, Oliver decides to just go for it with Emily. He shows up at her apartment and serenades her. What makes it even better is that she had semi written him off before because he couldn’t play the guitar, so he attempts to prove his musical ability with “I’ll Be There For You.”

8. Titanic--“I’m Flying”---In this box office smash, there’s no shortage of romantic moments, but perhaps one of the most perfect moments comes just as things are about to take a turn for the worse. In this scene, Rose has finally allowed herself to let her true feelings in. The perfection in this moment lies in the beauty of the scenery, the sunset and the open sea, as well as the fact that Jack and Rose are completely alone and free to express their love.

7. Enchanted--“So Close”---At this point in the film, it seems as though Giselle and Robert may not get their fairytale ending after all. It’s only fitting that they meet up right before she’s about to go back to Andalasia at a ball. The dance between them shows that there’s definitely something going on, and despite the fact that Robert said earlier that he doesn’t sing or dance, he does both at the same time.

6. The Notebook--“If You’re a Bird, I’m a Bird”—As Allie and Noah attempt to fight against class boundaries in order to be in a relationship, they find this a difficult challenge. In this scene, convinced that she could have been a bird in another life, Allie gets Noah to admit that at one time or another they both could have been birds. This scene is so cute because you can tell just how much both care about each other and want the relationship to work. Another notable scene in the film is when Allie and Noah get stuck in a storm while in a boat on the water and she finally confronts him about not responding to her letters.

5. Sleepless in Seattle--On top of the Empire State Building---This clip is quite long, but every minute is necessary to show why this is a great romantic movie. Not only does this scene actually occur on Valentine’s Day, but it features two people who didn’t even know that they were looking for love. And they found it in the most unexpected place with the most unexpected person.

4. When Harry Met Sally--“I Love…….”---This scene wraps up every loose end that had been going on in the film. Just when Harry and Sally thought that they couldn’t be together, Harry shows up on New Year’s Eve to declare his love, he even has to tell Sally all the things that he loves about her when she thinks that he isn’t sincere. This moment is so endearing because it shows this couple’s transformation from not knowing each other to acquaintances to friends to lovers.

3. Jerry Maguire—“You Complete Me”---After a rocky relationship and spending a lot of his time being self and money obsessed, Jerry finally realizes how much he needs Dorothy in his life. This complete change of heart and the way that both he and Dorothy seem to really need each other makes for a perfect moment. Plus, it features two of the most famous lines of the film: “You complete me,” and “You had me at hello.”

2. Pride and Prejudice-- “You Have Bewitched Me, Body and Soul”—This classic love story from Jane Austen has to make the list somewhere on romantic movie moments. After much deliberation and internal debate, Elizabeth has finally come to the conclusion that she is in love with Mr. Darcy, and he has long since admitted his feelings for her. The pair meet at dawn in a field, and this is where they finally decide that they can be together.

1. Love Actually--Though this film is about Christmas, it really can be watched at any time of the year. This is the perfect setup for a romantic comedy because it shows many different types of couples, and you become invested in all of their stories. This film shows not only success in love but failure as well, but each person learns something important in the film, and this makes it one of the best romantic comedies. This clip, unfortunately, is not a specific clip from the film, but it is a preview for the romantic comedy that has a little something for everyone.



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