Top 5 celebs who had it all…then lost it

By Karen Ruffini,
Review of the decades' downhill celebs

We all understand that living under the public eye is not an easy thing to do. Pictures without makeup, wardrobe malfunctions, or even an unflattering shot of you eating french fries is an unfortunate norm when it comes to celebrities. But there comes a time when you go from "oops!" every now and then to "I give up."

Hollywood is known for having celebrities break down from time to time. But, lucky for famous people, you can have one hell of a comeback. There are, however, some celebs that never make it to that comeback, and fall short of stardom. Here are the top 5 celebs of the decade that have fell victim to their own worst enemy: themselves.

5. Mischa Barton

Lovely, lovely, Mischa. Obviously she wasn't so lovely in the movie The Sixth Sense, but man did she grow up to be a looker on The OC! The show was a huge hit, and Barton was along for the ride. But after the show's third season, Barton felt like she was too big for the show's britches, and decided she would leave to do bigger and better things. Not only did this not happen (almost every movie she was in was an instant flop), but the girl was arrested for a DUI a few years back! Recent weight gain, alongside financial woes, these reasons have landed her on the list. Moral of the story? Always remember where you came from…you may need them while you're on your way down.

4. Tara Reid

America's favorite American Pie actress was never exactly known as being a good girl. Known for her extravagant lifestyle of partying and binge drinking, we all sort of saw what was coming for this celeb. Once a beautiful and wholesome looking girl, years of a crazy and hectic lifestyle wore her down. And did I mention the crazy plastic surgeries she had done? Her life is pretty crazy--along with her recent nuptials with a man nobody in the world knows. Does anybody else see a rocky marriage and big blowout divorce in Reid's future?

3. Heidi Montag

Where do I even begin? The Hills is Montag's claim to fame. Then her on-again-off-again whirlwind marriage to Spencer Pratt was all over gossip columns. But her most recent scandal has been her plastic surgeries. Surgeries, as in plural. Plural, as in ten. At once. This is clearly proof that Heidi is a bit off her rocker -- but we all saw that she was a bit off since marrying Pratt. Since her days with The Hills are over, it looks like Montag has nothing better to do than D-list celebrity appearances…oh yeah, and completely transforming her face to look nothing like her face.

2. Lindsay Lohan

I can't even keep up with this girl. She was just 11 years old when she hit Hollywood, being the starlet on-the-rise in the movie The Parent Trap. And it seems like ever since then, it's been nothing but downhill. Sure, she was in some other hits like Freaky Friday and Mean Girls, but this girl's life is a roller coaster! First, it was the alcoholism. Then, there were a slew of DUI's. Of course, drugs come into play, and then her shocking move of dating Samantha Ronson. And her most recent scandal? Thievery. What else can this girl throw at us? Lindsay, you can't go much lower!

1. Taylor Momsen

Gossip Girl was Momsen's "in" to Hollywood -- but now she's calling it quits at 18. The sweet looking blonde -- sorry, I meant the pre-gothic grunge Momsen-- wants to focus only on her music career, and has supposedly quit acting. She has turned from a positive female image to a disrespectful and indecent star. Her interviews cause jaws to drop, and her outfits makes heads turn. In the most negative way, of course. I think the reason she lands at No. 1 is because the girl had so much potential to be something great, and she's giving the middle finger to that opportunity. We wish you luck in your band, Taylor Momsen. Hopefully you'll be happier in that scene.



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