Top 6 environmental songs for Earth Day

By Carl Van Baelen,

Earth day is among us. Not only do we celebrate the earth’s natural environment, we also try to take steps to save the planet. Some do it by recycling, some by using alternative energy and some with the gift of music. Through the years, many musicians have used their songs to make positive changes, or to just honor the natural beauty around us.

6. Des'Ree – 'Life'
As the title suggests, this song is about life itself. While it mainly focuses on superstitions and phobias, it is the music video that has a strong environment theme. The clip shows Des’ree sitting on the back seat of a convertible car. The vehicle is driven by a chauffeur through sugar cane field, while an aeroplane flies over her head. Yet instead of spraying pesticide, the plane spreads butterflies.

‘Life’ was released on the 1998 Supernatural album.

5. Ray LaMontagne – 'All The Wild Horses'
With his raspy voice, Ray LaMontagne sings about lost time; a time where man and nature lived peacefully side-by-side. The singer/songwriter performed the song in 2005 at "From the Big Apple to the Big Easy", a fundraiser for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

‘All The Wild Horses’ was released on the 2004 Trouble album

4. Jack Johnson – 'Gone'
Jack Johnson has always valued the ecological massage through his music, like in the song ‘Gone’. The singer/songwriter points out people being too materialistic and not caring about the essence of life. The song is about the effect of human consumption on the environment.

‘Gone’ was released on the 2003 On and On album.

3. Rusted Root – 'Send Me On My Way'
‘Send Me On My Way’ by Rusted Root is about life being random, unpredictable and beautiful. It’s about our journey in a world that has a lot to offer. The song has a positive message and was even played in space. NASA engineers chose the song as wake-up music for the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity, launched on July 7, 2003.

‘Send Me on My Way’ was released on the 1994 When I Woke album.

2. Enya – 'Caribbean Blue'
Themes like nature and life has been influencing the music of Enya since she first debuted in 1987. One of her most famous songs, ‘Caribbean blue’, is about imagining a perfect world. The Irish musician sings about the Gods of the wind and the earth turning on its axis, while everything we know turns with it.

Another song of Enya which include an environment theme is ‘Orinoco Flow’. The song was her first hit, and is about one of the longest rivers of South America, the Orinoco. Enya went on to become the best-selling female singer in the world, while keeping through to her own, unique sound and environmental message.

‘Carribean Blue’ was released on the 1991 Shepherd Moons album.

1. Michael Jackson – 'Earth Song'
‘Earth Song’ is one of Michael Jackson’s many tracks dealing with socially conscious material, alongside songs like ‘We Are the World’, ‘Man in the Mirror’ and ‘Heal the World’. The song was written and composed by the King of Pop himself, and points out issues like war, bad environment and animal welfare. The music video was shot on four geographical regions and shows the destruction and rebirth of mother Earth.

'Earth Song’ was released on the 1995 History album.



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