Top Five Movies to see on Valentine's Day

By Jackie Morrison,
Cuddle Flicks

Do you want to spend Valentine's Day at home with a romantic movie? Does the film Valentine's Day seem just too cliché to watch? Don't worry; here are some five suggestions for a romantic film that reminds you how lucky you are to have someone on February 14.

Cinema Paradiso
This 1988 Italian film won an Oscar for Best Foreign Picture. A famous filmmaker returns home after several decades when his childhood mentor dies. His homecoming also evokes the memory of his long-lost love. A woman named Elena who was the reason he made films in an effort to send her love messages.

One More Kiss
If you are in the mood for something more tragic, then this Scottish movie about reunited childhood sweethearts is for you. A restaurant owner and chef named Sam receives the shock of his life when lost love Sara comes back from New York. Sam is married to Charlotte but still believes a dying Sara is his perfect match.

Bollywood Queen
Imagine Romeo and Juliet in an Anglo–Indian love story in modern-day London. When an Indian girl named Geena falls in love with Jay, a Scottish musician, she must battle her family to be with her true love.

Becoming Jane
A biopic about a young Jane Austen and her life-changing love for an Irish lawyer is heartbreaking. Austen died at 41, after becoming one of the first famous female authors, and this movie suggests that her lost love was behind all her classic tales.

The Fountain
A love story that spans three different eras in the reincarnated love of twin flames who keep getting separated. Do you believe that soulmates are reincarnated and find each other again and again? If you do, then don’t miss this science fiction romance with Hugh Jackman as a man in Medieval Spain, modern-day America, and futuristic space, who is desperate to save the life of the woman he loves from century to century.



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