Top memorable moments from '90s Nickelodeon

By Joanna Fantozzi,
Some of my favorite clips from classic '90s Nick shows

Unless you live under a rock like Patrick Starr, you probably have noticed that Nickelodeon has started a new programming block called “The '90s Are All That.” Over the past few weeks, social media outlets have exploded with joy over the return of beloved Nickelodeon shows. Some of you may be scratching your heads in confusion, but if you grew up in the ‘90s or have kids that grew up in the '90s, you have grown to know and love Tommy Pickles, Doug Funny, Kel Mitchel, Amanda Bynes…the list goes on. At the moment, the programming block airs from midnight to 2 a.m. on weekdays and features All That, Kenan and Kel, Clarissa Explains It All, and Doug. I decided to ride the wave of nostalgia, and jog your memories a bit with some of the most memorable and funny moments of '90s Nick. Here are my top 10 moments in no particular order.

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Orange Soda from Kenan and Kel
"Who loves orange soda?” I think we all do! Probably the most recognizable moments from '90s Nick programming!

Assembling the Silver Monkey from Legends of the Hidden Temple
Ahh the elusive silver monkey. This show was pretty intense, and whether you were rooting for the Blue Barracudas or the Purple Parrots, you knew you could put that monkey together faster.


Chuckie vs. the potty from Rugrats
It was very difficult to find a top moment from Rugrats, since the '90s is chock full of them. But Chuckie’s struggle with potty training is definitely unforgettable. This clip features a dream sequence that compares potty training to a death sentence.

Good Burger Sketch from All That
I always wanted to visit a Good Burger and have Ed (Kel Mitchel) take my order. For years after this sketch aired, kids would go around singing, “I’m a dude, he’s a dude, she’s a dude, we’re all dudes hey!” I think Ed’s logic makes perfect sense, don’t you?

24 Hours To Live from Hey Arnold
It was definitely a close call between this and Stoop Kid. But you have to admit, Helga’s methods of communication (taking over radio broadcasts, advertising on billboards) is pretty impressive for a 9-year old.

Vital Information Sketch from All That
This sketch was probably best when Lori Beth starred in it, and the silly insanity and randomness of the writing still makes me laugh to this day. Remember kids, it’s definitely not a good idea to put a monkey down your pants and start throwing bananas at your friends. Is that how you really want to be remembered?


Quailman from Doug
Everyone’s favorite super hero from Nickelodeon! (Even more than SuperDude). I think my favorite part was that he always wore his belt on his head.

"Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy" song from Ren and Stimpy
It’s annoying, it’s slightly creepy (like all of Ren and Stimpy), but I bet it just got stuck in your head.

Intro song from Salute Your Shorts
Definitely one of the most memorable songs from this era of television, and I bet you still laugh at the fart joke!

Action League Now! From Kablam!
Do you know any other group of superheroes comprised of dolls and action figures that are constantly getting flushed down the toilet? I thought not. It was a pretty impressive example of stop motion animation too.

What are your favorite moments from classic Nickelodeon?



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