Top Super Bowl XLVI Commercials

By Mindee Ball,

I read Playboy for the articles. I watch the Super Bowl for the commercials. It’s true.

I’m typically pretty pleased with the creative display the advertisement companies produce. Living up to past years, Super Bowl XLVI delivered. There were quite a few commercials this year that were humorous, clever and memorable. As expected, there were a few flops. A waste of air time, in my opinion. But overall, a nice evening of convincing and enjoyable advertisements.

I do have one complaint: Where were all the Clydesdales? Only one ad with those sensational and unforgettable animals??

My big winners for 2012:

1. GRAND PRIZE WINNER: Audi S7 LED Headlights - Contributing to the ‘Twilight’ craze and total vampire obsession that has swept the nation, Audi cleverly intertwines the phenomenon with their recent ad for LED headlights. As a fellow vampy party-goer arrives at an outdoor soiree, the daylight-endowed headlights incinerate each vampire who is “touched” by the light. The Audi team wins big with this smart and socially relevant piece aimed towards a pretty cool new feature on the S7.

2. Hyundai - Hyundai forked out some major bucks this year for ad space. The handful of commercials produced by the company were not all memorable. I did, however, have one favorite. The Hyundai Veloster Turbo outruns a cheetah. Geared up to race against the fast car, the cheetah darts out of its cage only to stop in its tracks once the Hyundai speeds off ahead. Simple and clever. I enjoyed it.

3. M&M’s - Accusations of a brown M&M being naked at a party leads to a red M&M stripping down and dancing to LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It.” The ad was cute and humorous, as most M&M ads are.

4. Chevrolet - A post-apocalyptic city accompanied by Barry Manilow’s “Looks Like We Made It” expresses that only Chevy drivers can outlast the end of the world. Those who didn’t make it out alive? Ford drivers. Perfect song choice for this ad, by the way. Chevrolet did a good job at creating a memorable ad that sends a clear message to its competitors.

5. Budweiser - While I’m a sucker for the Clydesdale commercials, they made a brief appearance in this Prohibition themed commercial. In celebration of Prohibition, Budweiser delivers and hands out cases of beer to many supporters of the new law. Historically relevant and extremely clever, this ad suggests the length of success Budweiser has experienced and displays how it has stood the test of time by still being popular today.

6. Doritos - Missing cat? Suspicious Great Dane? Doritos hits hard with an extremely cute and funny commercial. Looking for his missing cat, an adult male is bribed with a bag of Doritos by his Great Dane to keep quiet. Making the ad even cuter, the Great Dane attaches a note to the Doritos bag that states, “You didn’t see nuthin.”

To be expected, some commercials could have been left out of the broadcast. A few of my least favorite ads this year:

1. Bud Light Platinum - These commercials depicted nothing unique for Super Bowl Sunday. Run-of-the-mill beer commercials that really brought nothing to the table and were actually quite boring.

2. BIGGEST WASTE OF AIR TIME: GoDaddy - Body painting? Jokes that fell flat? GoDaddy failed miserably, especially when up against big hitters like Budweiser and M&M’s. GoDaddy gave us a dud of a deal with this one.

3. Volkswagen Beetle - A dieting dog is kind of cute. Resisting temptation when food falls to the floor, running on the treadmill and swimming laps was a little funny. But, the plot was a little choppy and hard to follow. I wasn’t quite sure what the dog was training for and really had no idea it was a VW commercial until the end.

When asked on Facebook which commercials were the best, 23 people responded. While many agreed with me, two others stood out in your comments.

The favorite commercial from our query was Betty White for The Voice.

"It's about time someone wanted me for my voice."

Special recognition has to go to Sanja who took the time to share with us the OFFICIAL David Beckham Bodywear for H&M Super Bowl Ad:



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